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Housing Associations & Public Sector

A modern energy procurement framework designed to deliver reduced cost and a better standard of service for our Public Sector and Housing Customers.


Public Sector organisations benefit from reduced energy prices

Working in collaboration with our public sector partners, we have developed an OJEU procurement framework that enables Public Sector organisations to benefit from reduced energy prices and at the same time gain access to our ‘Smart Buyer’ service suite.

The framework has more supplier choices and contract options, which results in lower energy cost, through increased competition and the ability to adopt a procurement strategy that meets your specific needs.

Every Supplier approved to the framework operates to a service level agreement that includes sanctions for consistent poor performance. Trident robustly monitor performance levels resulting in fewer billing errors, faster handling of queries and improved communication.

Our dedicated Public Sector team has over 17 years’ experience working alongside Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Schools, Colleges and Universities and Healthcare providers.

What our clients think

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the service from Trident. We’ve had an on-going issue with a shipperless gas supply, dating back 8 years. Trident not only got the gas supply registered within months, but also negotiated a saving in excess of £80k with the gas supplier to waiver gas consumed in that time. They have far surpassed our expectations with their efficiency, effectiveness and positive can-do attitude and we’d have no hesitation in recommending Trident’s services.

Sandra Paradise - Service Charge Accountant - Saxon Weald House

Procurement Policy Note 06/21 - Compliant Suppliers

The UK Government has introduced Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/21 to encourage suppliers to the public sector to outline and implement a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) to help contribute to decarbonising UK public procurement. PPN 06/21 applies to contracts controlled by Central Government Departments and Executive Agencies and Non- Departmental Public Bodies. If your company wants to continue supplying products or services to government departments or public bodies, you must have a credible CRP signed off by a senior manager and published on your website.

Our dedicated compliance team will work with you to put a plan in place and support you with complying in line with the new criteria.


Cost reduction for large housing association


Portfolio Management Services

Our Portfolio Management services take the stress out of managing large and dynamic portfolios, encompassing:

  • Portfolio Database Management.
  • Invoice Verification and query resolution.
  • Electronic Invoice Payment files.
  • Change of Occupancy management.
  • Online Energy Dashboard.

Smart Buyer Energy Management Solution

Provides a three-year forward forecast of energy costs based on live market data and detailed evaluation of non-commodity charges. In addition access to a market pricing hub is provided; ‘Trade Charts’ highlight the volume of energy purchased; performance is charted against pre-agreed caps and targets and access to historic invoices is available, with a PDF copy available for download.

Energy Cost Management

We provide complete energy cost management at over 10,000 Public Sector locations. A typical ‘Smart Buyer’ service suite for a Public Sector organisation would include the following:

Energy Procurement

Strategic Procurement service to purchase energy in accordance with a pre-defined budget target.

Invoice Verification

Our verification process and supporting software enable our expert cost analysis team to process your invoices efficiently as well as ensuring complete accuracy.

Query Resolution

Saving you time and significant administrative hassle, we will manage all invoice queries directly with your appointed energy suppliers, recovering overcharges where required. Our bespoke query reporting will also ensure that you are kept informed.

Sustainability Advisor

We can provide you with the expertise that you require in order to evaluate and implement the sustainable energy options available for your business. We are dedicated to helping our customers to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Smart Metering

Fully managed smart meter rollout to enable you to benefit from more accurate billing and the ability to scrutinise your energy usage patterns and implement efficiency measures, where practical.

Invoice Re-charging

Collation of recharging reports for apportioning energy costs to tenants, internal departments, or individual cost centres.

Portfolio Management

A comprehensive portfolio management service, ensuring that your site portfolio is accurately maintained, supply contracts are rationalised, terminations issued as required and site acquisitions, disposals and changes are handled on your behalf.


Pulse Portal

Our Pulse platform provides all your portfolio and budget information in one place so that you don’t need to go searching through spreadsheets, invoices and e-mails to understand what’s happening with your energy spend and portfolio. Pulse gives you control over:

  • The price you pay for energy & water
  • Budget forecasting
  • Synchronise your budget forecast to a long-term procurement strategy
  • Forecast the impact of every price change over 3 years to give you control over when to buy
  • Portfolio changes and your sites contractual position
Case Studies

Grand Union Housing Group

With an ethos that echoes our own, Grand Union Housing Group believes in putting people at the fore-front of their business.

Case Studies

POBL Group – Gwalia Housing

Grwp Gwalia is an established community-centric housing group, responsible for over 10,000 properties in Wales.

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