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Cost Control

Helping businesses mitigate rising energy costs and navigate volatile markets

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Energy Cost Management

Keep control of your energy costs

The energy marketplace is shifting continuously, making it trickier to navigate effectively when trying to stay on top of your energy costs. Securing the right energy contract for your business is a complex task, heightened recently by external factors causing greater price volatility. The knock-on effect being increased costs on your energy bills – even if you have experienced a reduction in your consumption.  

The current situation creates the need to explore the different avenues that will contribute to reducing risk and protecting your budget. Trident will help you coordinate and implement the most appropriate strategies out there, tailoring them to your specific requirements, taking onboard your appetite to reduce risk and how to manage your budget effectively.  

Our team of dedicated account managers will work closely with you to ensure your unique cost control requirements are met. You'll also benefit from our commercial team providing regular market insights alongside guidance on how to manage risk effectively. We have been Making Energy Simple for over 21 years, by adapting purchasing strategies and reducing costs for customers.  

Energy Procurement

Innovative energy procurement solutions and strategies, designed to meet your individual needs. Includes bespoke fixed and flexible contracts, a public sector and a flexible framework.

Cost Analysis

Our cost analysis team are experts in identifying and implementing cost saving opportunities that are often missed by customers and consultants alike.

Invoice Validation

We untangle the complexities surrounding utility charges, identify errors and manage any queries with your suppliers until your invoices are accurate.

Revenue Recovery

Conducting a thorough forensic audit of your utility spending can help identify any errors or overcharges in your invoices, which can be used to recover money from your suppliers.


Our Pulse platform provides all your portfolio and budget information in one place so that you don't need to go searching through spreadsheets, invoices and e-mails to understand what's happening with your energy spend and portfolio.

Corporate PPAs

PPA's are long-term contracts, where companies will agree to purchase electricity directly from a renewable energy generator. Solar and wind farms are the most common renewable energy generators that are grid connected.


Risk Management

Adopting the most appropriate purchasing strategy for your business helps you manage risk appropriately. Matching your procurement strategy to your expectation of risk and reward is an important step in taking control of your energy budgets.

Subsidy Management

Understanding which subsidies your organisation is eligible to benefit from can be challenging and time consuming to manage. We take a proactive approach to ensure organisations benefit fully from renewable subsidies offered by the Government.

Triad Avoidance

Triad (TNUoS) charges can be expensive, organisations that do not consume electricity in the three half-hour periods avoid these charges. Signing up to Triad alert systems and implementing load shifting techniques will help avoid these charges annually.

What our clients think

Trident Utilities are a trusted partner, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.


Control costs confidently

Opportunities for efficiency

As you work hard to keep your energy costs down, you will experience lower energy consumption. This can help with becoming more efficient as you reduce.

Broaden energy opportunities

Taking control of your energy budget opens up the chance to explore different energy avenues, this could be improving efficiencies within your operations.

Increased confidence in utility spending

Minimising costs will boost your confidence, reducing the risks associated with rising prices and the impact they have on your business.

Case Studies

John Cotton

Trident has been managing John Cotton’s current Climate Change Agreement since 2007, helping them to secure a rebate of c.£1,400,000.

Case Studies

ArcelorMittal Kent Wire

Facilitating a discovery workshop was necessary to understanding ArcelorMittal’s budgetary requirements. Trident identified that adopting a flexible energy supply contract with a risk managed approach to trading would deliver increased budget certainty and lower energy costs.

Case Studies


schuh is one of the largest retailers of footwear in the UK, with a strong high street presence. schuh has a strong ethos around sustainability and looking after the environment and their community.


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