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REGO Certificates  

Make more informed choices about your energy consumption.  

Renewables Energy

What is a REGO certificate?  

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates are the UK’s currency of the origin of renewable electricity. They’re transferable statements representing proof that a generator produced electricity from a particular sustainable power source and fed it into the National Grid. 

Energy Certificates

How do they work?  

Ofgem issues a REGO certificate for every 1,000 unitsor one megawatt-hour (MWh), of renewable electricity generated. The certificate serves as proof of the electricity’s green origin. The energy certificates contain information about the generator, the renewable energy technology used, and the generation location.  

Each REGO certificate has a unique identification number, allowing for traceability and verification of the energy’s origin. This transparency ensures the integrity of the renewable energy market and helps prevent double-counting or misrepresenting renewable energy claims.  

When you choose a green energy plan, you support the growth of renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.  

What are the advantages of REGOs?

Environmental Impact

You directly support the generation of electricity from renewable sources. This helps combat climate change and promotes a sustainable future.  


REGO provides transparency in the energy market. The certificates track and trace the origin of the electricity, ensuring accountability in the supply chain.  

Corporate social responsibility

Businesses can demonstrate sustainability commitment by choosing REGO-certified energy, which reduces reportable emissions.

Government recognition

Governments worldwide acknowledge the importance of REGO in achieving renewable energy targets, reinforcing its credibility.  


Significant cost saving opportunities

The Climate Change Agreement, first established in 2001, is an innovative government initiative. It's designed to reward eligible industrial sectors that make measurable changes to reduce carbon emissions with considerable discounts on their CCL charges.

Qualifying companies that meet targets and other obligations under the scheme, will receive reduced CCL rates until the end of the current scheme which has been extended until March 2027. Participants will also see significant energy bill savings from the energy efficiency improvements they make towards these targets.

The Government has temporarily reopened the CCA scheme for new applications, with the applications period 1st May 2023 to the 30th September 2023.

Where can Trident support? 

While it is common for electricity off-takers to agree on a REGO price alongside their electricity supply contract via a supplier, this is not the only route to market. It is possible to source REGO certificates independent of your supply contract via the secondary market. This allows an end user to have a greater choice in the type and location of any sustainable generation, as well as creating competitive tension between market players.  

Trident has access to several partners and generators and can help obtain independent quotes for REGO certificates. 

Beyond your contract

Businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint significantly can explore different methods of obtaining energy rather than solely depending on the commitments of energy suppliers.   

Many businesses could boost energy self-sufficiency and green credentials through on-site generation. A broad range of options are out there, from solar to combined heat and power (CHP) and biomass, and the cost of technology is falling rapidly, putting it within reach for more businesses. Purchasing electricity from medium-scale local renewable energy producers through an aggregated power purchase agreement (PPA) is another low-carbon option that helps to protect your business from price volatility.  


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