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Energy solutions for manufacturing businesses

Aiming to transform efficiency, maximise savings and eliminate carbon emissions

UK manufacturing businesses

Maximising savings

At Trident we understand the pressing need for manufacturers to control energy costs effectively. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, we offer tailored solutions built on progressive procurement strategies, unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, and expert navigation through legislative complexities like CCA, ESOS, and renewables relief.

Our track record speaks for itself, with an average cost reduction of 18% within the first 24 months.

What our clients think

We have been using Trident Utilities for energy procurement for 6 years. They advise on new contracts/purchasing in advance and market price lows and spikes to ensure we buy at the right time. In addition forecasting information is always available, quite often at short notice to enable accurate factory budgets and forecasting.

Alyson Wiltshire - Finance Director - Mondi Packaging

Average cost reduction for manufacturing clients within the first 24 months


Transforming efficiency

Pulse Net Zero's, energy management module empowers you to take proactive control of your energy expenditure. With a three-year forward forecast based on live market data and meticulous evaluation of non-commodity charges, you gain invaluable insights into pricing trends. Our solution doesn't stop there—it provides access to a market pricing hub, detailed performance tracking against pre-agreed targets, and historical invoice data for comprehensive analysis.

Eliminating carbon emissions

In today's climate-conscious world, sustainability is paramount. Our suite of services goes beyond cost reduction, serving as your trusted sustainability advisor. We help you navigate the path towards carbon neutrality, offering expert guidance on efficiency enhancements, compliance obligations, and revenue-generating opportunities.

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A guide made for your industry

Transforming efficiency, maximising savings, and eliminating carbon emissions

Unlock the power of energy and carbon management software to drive success in the metal industry. Get your hands on our complimentary guide, "Transforming Efficiency, Maximising Savings, and Reducing Carbon Emissions," today!

Discover how Pulse Net Zero can revolutionise your operations and lead you towards sustainability-driven success.

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c.£1.4 million

saved in energy tax savings since John Cotton secured the CCA in 2007


Smart Buyer Energy Management Solution

Provides a three-year forward forecast of energy costs based on live market data and detailed evaluation of non-commodity charges. In addition access to a market pricing hub is provided; ‘Trade Charts’ highlight the volume of energy purchased; performance is charted against pre-agreed caps and targets and access to historic invoices is available, with a PDF copy available for download.

'Smart buyer' Solution

Our modular ‘Smart Buyer’ service suite has helped over 1,500 manufacturing locations save £3.7M per year. A typical manufacturing ‘Smart Buyer’ solution would include:

Energy Procurement

Strategic Procurement service to purchase energy in accordance with a pre-defined budget target.

Sustainability Advisor

We can provide you with the expertise that you require in order to evaluate and implement the sustainable energy options available for your business. We are dedicated to helping our customers to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Efficiency Advisor

Expert advice and project management assistance to drive down unnecessary energy consumption. Your assigned efficiency advisor will provide all the support and advice required, together with the ability to undertake detailed on-site audits and a full report, detailing the potential opportunities to reduce energy usage and save money.

Compliance Advisor

Energy legislation has become an increasing issue for UK manufacturers and it is vital that you comply with legislation where required and maintain the appropriate documentation. Trident will provide the expert advice you need in order to firstly establish whether or not legislation impacts on your business and then support you in ensuring compliance. Accredited CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants, we can deliver support across a wide range of compliance requirements such as CCA’s, CRC, EUETS, ESOS, TM44, DEC’s, ISO50001 etc.

Energy Focus Group

We can establish an Energy Focus Group to meet on a quarterly basis to ensure that all areas of energy cost reduction are considered and reviewed regularly. Typically the Energy Focus Group would involve key stakeholders from your business (Financial Director, Procurement Manager, Engineering / Facilities Manager, Environmental Manager etc.), together with the appropriate expert team from Trident.

Revenue Opportunity Review

We will complete a detailed review of your existing generation capacity as well as any waste products that result from your manufacturing or distribution process in order to establish whether any opportunities exist to gain additional revenue for the business.


Pulse Portal

Our Pulse platform provides all your portfolio and budget information in one place so that you don’t need to go searching through spreadsheets, invoices and e-mails to understand what’s happening with your energy spend and portfolio. Pulse gives you control over:

  • The price you pay for energy & water
  • Budget forecasting
  • Synchronise your budget forecast to a long-term procurement strategy
  • Forecast the impact of every price change over 3 years to give you control over when to buy
  • Portfolio changes and your sites contractual position
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Energy and carbon management software

Introducing Pulse Net Zero

Our all-in-one carbon and energy management software is designed specifically for manufacturers. Pulse Net Zero consolidates all your critical data in one user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and emails— Pulse Net Zero gives you complete control over energy and water prices, budget forecasting, and synchronisation with long-term procurement strategies. Forecast the impact of price changes over three years, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimise your contractual position while simultaneously tracking and managing your carbon emissions.

Additional manufacturing resources

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Case study ArcelorMittal:

Trident identified that adopting a flexible energy supply contract with a risk managed approach to trading would deliver increased budget certainty and lower energy costs.

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