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Our Company

Our purpose is clear, we're Making Energy Simple for our customers. We do this in many ways, in what can be a very complex market, by providing the highest levels of customer service with industry leading integrity, expertise and collaborative innovation which means our customers stay with us.

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Our Company

A fully integrated approach to energy cost reduction and net zero objective delivery

Trident deliver multi-service solutions dedicated to provide value to customers across industries thanks to deep market expertise and a unique 360° approach.


Our Vision

Our vision has remained the same since the company was formed 20 years ago and consists of three straight forward business goals:

  • To Delight Our Customers
  • To Be Leaders in Our Field
  • To Enjoy What We Do

There have been some subtle changes over the years but ultimately our vision has always been about providing the highest levels of customer service,  being leaders in technology and employee engagement and enjoying what we do.


Our Values

At Trident, we believe that people are the most important factor in delivering our business objectives, which is why we choose to put ‘Our People’ first. Collectively we adopt a firm set of values, which underpin our approach to Customer Service.

Team Trident

We value our collective strength and are supportive of each other. We celebrate success and take pride in our achievements.

What We Expect From Our People

To be supportive of their colleagues, celebrate and encourage each other’s success and recognise the importance of their personal role in ensuring that the team succeeds.

What They Can Expect in Return

We provide a challenging and rewarding environment where our people are recognised and feel valued for their contribution to the team.

Move Mountains

We want to put a smile on our customers face and we’ll move mountains to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

What We Expect From Our People

To go the extra mile, to stand out and to be passionate about delighting our customers with a standard of service that sets us apart.

What They Can Expect in Return

We move mountains to ensure that our people are actively encouraged to develop their expertise, their career and their future.

Collaborative Creativity

We will continually seek to develop new and innovative ideas for energy cost and consumption reduction through close interdepartmental cooperation and customer collaboration.

What We Expect From Our People

To take time to listen closely to our customers and recognise their needs and aspirations. To think creatively, work collaboratively and seek input and assistance from other departments to develop new and innovative ways to meet those needs.

What They Can Expect in Return

We will positively empower our people and provide an inspiring and interesting working environment and the opportunity to develop their individual and collective creativity. A new 2000 sq ft innovation centre has been developed at our head office specifically to encourage creativity and interdepartmental cooperation.

Straight and Long

We’re not in it for the short term, so we play it straight with our customers even if that means we lose business to those who don’t. We want to develop long term relationships built on honesty and trust.

What We Expect From Our People

To be upfront and honest with our customers, tell people how it is and not what we think they want to hear; to value and always maintain their personal integrity.

What They Can Expect in Return

We’re straight with our people and do the right thing by them, ensuring everyone knows where they stand and feels valued and supported.

Make Waves

We want to make waves within our sector and leave others in our wake by consistently challenging the status quo.

What We Expect From Our People

To think differently, question everything, be inquisitive and not be afraid to make themselves heard. Their unique and diverse flair will help us to be leaders in our field.

What They Can Expect in Return

We encourage our people to think outside the box and welcome, recognise and reward their valuable input and unique ideas.

Own It

We take responsibility when things go wrong and we don’t seek to shift the blame. If we fail to deliver or we get it wrong, then we’ll go out of our way to fix the problem.

What We Expect From Our People

To stand up and be counted and to take ownership of everything they do. To be accountable and not to blame others when things don’t go the way we all expect.

What They Can Expect in Return

We understand and support our people when things go wrong because we recognise that we sometimes have to make mistakes in order to develop.

Our 360° Energy Expertise

Delivery of our service relies on our closely-knit team of industry experts. Each team member has specialised expertise in their field, and our team is structured to ensure close working relationships and sharing of ideas. The result is that we are able to optimise all areas of your utility expenditure, providing you with our fully integrated Trident 360° Service.

Our Careers

Trident Utilities are always looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about energy, sustainability and reducing cost. If you would enjoy working in an environment where innovation and personal development are encouraged and rewarded and you have the drive to go the extra mile to deliver more than the average service to your customers, then please contact us on 0345 634 9500 or send an email to info@tridentutilities.co.uk

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