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Event Insights

A comprehensive solution to reducing your venue’s energy usage

Event Insights

Discover the reasons behind your energy usage spikes

Multi-purpose venues come with multi-faceted energy bills. How does the energy usage for a continental sporting match compare to a concert? Are your business conferences more economical than plays? More pertinently, how can you reduce your costs and consumption when you don’t fully understand why you use so much? 

This is where our Event Insights service comes in. Through a detailed breakdown of your consumption, it helps you understand how your facility consumes energy during an event and in non-event periods. This information is utilised to help you uncover the opportunities to reduce your usage and improve your energy efficiency. We’ll then help you undertake the changes you need to transform your consumption and build your pathway to net zero. 


The Benefits

  • Gain granular analysis of all your event variables and plot energy usage against attendee numbers, event type, event time and any relevant metric 
  • Spend less on energy by lowering consumption and improving efficiency 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, helping you to meet net zero, sustainability and ESG targets 
  • Provide clients with a “carbon cost” and offsetting solution for their event 
  • Develop better costing for venue hire based on increased accuracy for predicted usage 

How it works


We’ll assess your usage data and cross-reference it against every event and differentiating factor. This is then fed into our software platform Pulse to understand why your venue uses energy when it does, highlighting the key variance.


Once you’ve got comprehensive consumption visibility across your event portfolio, you’ll then have the operational areas for further investigation. Through site visits and a deeper delve into your consumption patterns, we’ll provide you with the plan and projects to minimise your usage.


Event Insight’s final act is empowering you to make the changes you need to improve your energy consumption. We’ll be by your side as you implement the efficiency measures at a pace that suits your budget.

Case Study

Event Insights

As the home of one of the world’s leading sporting institutions, this globally recognised sports franchise uses its iconic facility to host not just its regular sport but multiple event types every year. Each event comes with different energy demand requirements from the stadium services. 

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How do you collect the data? 

Event Insights uses meter data to create detailed breakdowns of energy usage, attributing usage against detailed evet information breakdown. We then utilise our platform Pulse to process every facet of the data. 

What types of venue can Event Insights work with? 

Event Insights can analyse and improve energy efficiency for any venue, but it is at its most powerful when working with multi-event spaces with variable occupancy. This allows you to pinpoint what variables are causing excessive usage. 

What software do you use to process the usage? 

Our proprietary data analytics platform, Pulse processes the data and helps us to provide insight on how your energy is used. It also houses every part of your budget and portfolio information in one simple-to-use portal, alleviating your administrative burden when needing to access invoices and contracts. 

Will my meters deliver sufficient data? 

We typically work with the half-hour energy data from your suppliers. The meters are only one element though, so the more granular the event and energy information that is available the deeper the level of understanding we can deliver.