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Helping you to manage your energy compliance and legislative requirements

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Business Energy Compliance

Meet your regulatory obligations

In the increasingly complex energy landscape, the route to legislative compliance can be complicated and time-consuming. Having a strong understanding of which regulations apply to your business and staying one step ahead of your legal obligations will help to ensure you avoid costly penalties - as well as reputational damage. Trident will help you navigate the various energy reporting schemes, both mandatory and voluntary, and identify the best route to compliance for your organisation - helping you save valuable time and optimise your return on investment.

Our team of sustainability experts, comprised of CIBSE Accredited Energy Auditors & Certified ESOS Lead Assessors, provide a full suite of compliance services. From completing a one-off mandatory inspection and issuing a compliance certification, to managing all compliance issues within your organisation as a fully integrated partner, we can make sure that your business maintains full compliance with the law, avoids financial penalties and manages carbon obligations in the most efficient way possible.


Organisations that qualify for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), but fail to carry out the assessments, could face significant financial penalties for non-compliance. Our certified ESOS lead assessors will complete the necessary audits and deliver a fully compliant report, identifying ways to improve energy efficiency.


An estimated 11,900 businesses are affected by the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) scheme and are therefore required to annually report energy consumption and related carbon emissions. Trident can assist with reporting requirements and ensure your business fully complies with the legislation.

PPN 06/21

In line with Procurement Policy Note 06/21, all suppliers bidding for UK Government contracts valued at £5 million or greater, are required to have a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) in place, demonstrating their commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050. We can assist you with carbon reporting and the development of a carbon reduction plan (CRP) to meet the new selection criteria requirements.


The Energy Intensive Industries (EII) Exemption Scheme helps high-energy UK users compete with the lower energy costs of their EU counterparts. We have a thorough understanding of government schemes and legislation, as well as the ability to navigate complex applications such as those for the EII exemption certificate, saving you valuable time and effort.


TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections are mandatory for all buildings with a cooling capacity of 12kW and above. If you control an air conditioning system that is covered by this legislation then you are responsible for ensuring an inspection has been completed and that you have a copy of the inspection report. Our experts are fully accredited through CIBSE to complete TM44-compliant inspections.

What our clients think

Trident truly delivered using their knowledge and clear communication to make the SECR process straightforward.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions

Comply with confidence

Avoid fines for non-compliance

Most legislations come with a high penalty fine when you don't comply. However, you can easily avoid these high costs by ensuring your organisation is fully compliant. Legislations related to carbon usage will cost you more than needed if someone does not manage them proactively.

Reduce energy consumption

Ensuring your equipment complies with legislation means that it is running as efficiently as possible, saving money, and reducing maintenance costs. Successfully managing carbon obligations can reduce your energy consumption and help to make your business a leaner organisation with lower overheads.

Enhanced reputation

Official government legislation involves the annual publication of a ‘league table’ of all participants, showing how you compare with your peers. A high reputation status can be gained by ensuring that your business outperforms your competitors.

Case Studies

John Cotton

Trident has been managing John Cotton’s current Climate Change Agreement since 2007, helping them to secure a rebate of c.£1,400,000.

Abri Case Study Image
Case Studies


Abri is a housing provider who is driven by creating thriving communities to empower lives and has already outlined its roadmap to net-zero and has begun decarbonising the homes they own.

Case Studies

Konica Minolta Business Solutions

Konica Minolta provides Digital Print, IoT, AI and AR solutions, and delivers consultancy and services to optimise business processes and solutions in IT infrastructure and security, as well as cloud environments.

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