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Cost Analysis

Our energy cost analysis team will identify and reduce the hidden cost of your energy bills. 

Energy Cost Analysis

Finding cost saving opportunities

The balance of energy unit rates has shifted, with non-commodity charges often making up more than 2/3 of the average energy bill and are expected to continue to rise substantially over the next few years. Therefore, now is a good time have an energy health check to identify cost saving opportunities.

Our Cost analysis team are experts in identifying and implementing cost saving opportunities that are often missed by customers and consultants alike.

Under normal circumstances Trident makes no initial charge for undertaking a historic review of your invoices. In the event that we are able to obtain a refund, we simply request that you pay a percentage of the refund. If we cannot obtain a refund, then there is no cost to you at all. So there really is nothing to lose.

Trident are experts at helping businesses to untangle the complexity of utilities charging:

  • Historically – Identify and reclaim overcharges for up to 6 years
  • Currently – Optimise charging structures to reflect your current usage patterns
  • In the Future – Invoice verification to eliminate future errors and over payments

Trident will undertake a full initial energy health check on a purely performance related basis in order to quickly establish whether overcharges have occurred or opportunity for cost saving exists. Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.


What our clients think

Trident conducted a full analysis of our invoices and uncovered cost savings and refunds, which had previously been missed.

Marcegaglia UK Ltd - Nigel Grinsell (Financial Controller)

Invoice approval and query resolution

Our bespoke software has been specifically designed to support the fast and accurate analysis of your energy bills. Our three-stage invoice validation process enables us to confidently state that our customers will never overpay for their energy and that all billing errors and anomalies will be identified.

Data and systems

Our cost analysis system has been developed in-house and enables us to process and validate thousands of customer invoices each month. The system performs the first two stages of our validation process, producing an exception output report, which is then analysed in detail by a member of our expert team.

Expert team

Our cost analysis team has a wealth of experience and we regularly identify cost saving opportunities that have been missed by others. We regularly review energy legislation and the various charges and levies in order to ensure that you never pay more than you need to for your energy.

Queries resolved

All invoice errors will be queried and resolved by us through your appointed energy supplier. Query resolution can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when you may spend more time on-hold than speaking to someone who can help.

Trident have dedicated supplier contacts and established systems that enable us to ensure that your invoice queries are resolved quickly.

Bespoke reporting

Our multi-site customers have access to a range of alternative reporting formats for invoice approval, query resolution, balance and payments, accruals etc. Our flexible IT systems enable us to develop a bespoke report output to meet your specific requirements.


Portfolio Management

For our large multiple site portfolio customers, the ongoing management and maintenance of the site portfolio is often a source of frustration.

Accurate Supply Portfolio

It is vital to ensure that your supply portfolio (i.e. the energy supplies that you receive and pay bills for) actually reflects the properties that are owned by your organisation. Trident will undertake a series of checks and comparisons against the national database for both gas and electricity in order to firstly ensure that your portfolio is accurate and that you are not paying for electricity supplies that do not belong to you.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Site acquisitions and disposals are a common part of managing any supply portfolio and whilst the process is, in principle, straightforward, problems can easily arise if the process is not managed effectively.

Should the need arise, our team of experts are experienced in processing your acquisitions and disposals for any supply point, together with any required metering changes and we will ensure that the process is managed effectively in order to avoid unnecessary cost and administrative hassle.

Contract Management and Terminations

Due primarily to the historic mismanagement of supply contracts and in particular new acquisitions, it is often the case that supply portfolios will have a variety of contract end dates. In some instances contracts that have unknowingly expired and are running on out of contract rates, due to failure to terminate within adequate time and several different energy suppliers.

Trident will put in place a plan of action to ensure that your energy supply contracts are rationalised (ideally with a single contract end date where it is practical).

We will ensure that future energy supply contracts are terminated in a timely fashion in order to avoid excessive out of contract prices and regularly check and update your portfolio in order to ensure that it is both accurate and well maintained.

Metering and AMR

Automatic metering (AMR) installation is an important tool in the effective cost management of any multi-site portfolio, however the process of installing new metering across multiple sites can prove problematic if not managed effectively.

Our expertise with multiple site portfolios extends over many years including the installation of metering for new and existing sites together with the installation of AMR in recent years. Our knowledge and established processes have enabled us to deliver fully project managed and hassle free AMR installation on behalf of our customers.

Case Studies

John Cotton

Trident has been managing John Cotton’s current Climate Change Agreement since 2007, helping them to secure a rebate of c.£1,400,000.

Case Studies


Abri was already capturing their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and some Scope 3 emissions as part of their Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements but have recently been receiving innovative support delivered by Trident.

Case Studies


schuh is one of the largest retailers of footwear in the UK, with a strong high street presence. schuh has a strong ethos around sustainability and looking after the environment and their community.

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