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ESOS Phase 3 changes - the new data requirements you need to submit

8 June 2023

The ESOS Phase 3 submission requirements have now changed, which has also resulted in the ESOS deadline being extended to 5th June 2024. The Environment Agency in their May newsletter confirmed the changes for phase 3 and the additional data requirement is significant. It it therefore imperative that all those caught by the legislation get this planned in as soon as possible.

Essential ESOS Client data and information required for Phase 3

  1. All details of any global parent and relevant trusts.
  2. Names and companies house numbers for all companies within their UK group.
  3. All companies need to provide an organisational chart detailing all UK entities and their relationships.
  4. SIC codes of all UK companies in the group.
  5. The floor area of buildings (Offices, shops, warehouses).
  6. For transport, it's necessary to transpose the data into kWh/tonne mile or kWh/person mile (Goods/passenger metrics). 
  7. For manufacturing, the data needs to be normalised by output or input (Tonnes, litres, units etc.).
  8. Turnover in £.
  9. Total estimated savings from projects since the previous ESOS. This needs to be broken down by organisation and use category (Buildings, Transport, Industrial processes).
  10. Details of any government support received for energy efficiency and their implementation.
  11. The Total Energy Consumption (TEC) and Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) for Phases 1 and 2 if relevant. These will need to include estimated savings broken down as per point 9.
  12. If available the total savings achieved following phase 1+2 submissions.
  13. Any changes to the organisation between Phase 1, 2 and 3. 

Confirmation of the changes required for Phase 3 will impact those with work underway and those who are yet to start. It is envisaged that the additional reporting requirement, especially around phases 1 and 2, will further extend the project timeline. If you are yet to start it's imperative you do so soon.

Still not sorted ESOS? There's still time left but the availability for lead assessors is becoming increasingly scarce. Book a call with our team today to get your compliance guaranteed.

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