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Mastering Procurement: How to make the energy markets work for your business

Despite a recent steadying of energy prices, getting the right procurement strategy for your business remains a crucial way of boosting your balance sheet. Choosing the right approach empowers you to deliver robust financial planning, mitigate risk and boost your purchasing power; turning you into a procurement master.  

Key points covered in the webinar

Factoring in fixed and flexible approaches to an agile sustainable procurement strategy
Offsetting and mitigating the risk of future volatile price swings 
Understanding and increasing your purchasing power to access the best prices  
Securing cheaper prices irrespective of the size of your business 

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Our Speakers


Richard Holdsworth 

Head of Sales & Marketing 

Trident Utilities 

NHS Walsall logo - png

Paul Richardson 

Head of performance

NHS Walsall 


Alexandra Mottershead

Risk Manager

Trident Utilities 

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