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ESOS Phase 3 deadline extended to June 2024

14 June 2023

The ESOS Phase 3 deadline has been extended by six months, with the deadline now 5th June 2024 as opposed to 5th December 2023.  The change comes about as a consequence of last month's changes which requires a greater amount of data to be submitted to ensure your business is ESOS compliant.

What does this mean for my business?

The extension is good news for all ESOS-qualifying organisations. It ensures everyone has extra time to submit the data and is particularly useful after the changes which significantly increased the pressure on getting compliant within the next six months. While there is a longer window now to book your ESOS lead assessor if you haven't already, the increased amount of work involved in fulfilling the data requirements means it's still important you book yours sooner rather than later (you can book a call with one of our ESOS experts through the form below).

Are there any other changes?

No. Nothing has changed regarding the qualification criteria for businesses, which remains that you must be classified as a 'large undertaking' by fulfilling either of the following as of 31st December 2022:

  • Employs 250 or more people (either a UK-based company or an overseas company with a UK-registered establishment employing 250+ in the UK)
  • Has an annual turnover exceeding £44 million with an annual balance sheet total in excess of £38 million

The same date applies to when all your data must be recorded, which is any 12 month-window that includes 31st December 2022.

Still got a question regarding ESOS? Our ESOS experts are on hand to discuss exactly how your business can meet the deadline - book a call using the form below.


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