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Our Pulse platform provides all your portfolio and budget information in one place so that you don't need to go searching through spreadsheets, invoices and e-mails to understand what's happening with your energy spend and portfolio.

Live Position Reports

Customers opting for a flexible contract arrangement have access to up-to-the-minute information on their portfolio and trading activity.

Pulse Platform

Trident's 'Pulse' software suite has been developed by our own 'in-house' team and in conjunction with our energy cost reduction experts across the entire service provision.

Energy Trader

Customers can see a live annual budget overview for their portfolio, which drills down into a more detailed live 3 year forecast for each site.


Half hour by half hour consumption data can be interrogated and analysed utilising the Pulse consumption tools, which include charting, heat map software and downloadable monthly consumption report.


The Generation module allows clients with a single or portfolio of generation assets to manage the performance and revenue of each of their installations and maximise the benefits of these key areas.


Market data, including our weekly market report, is also available for our customers to view in order to determine the latest market price data for a whole range of energy related futures.

Energy Trader

The Energy Trader module provides you with access to the following information:

  • Live Annual Budget at Site or Group Level
  • 3 Year Live Budget Forecast at Site or Group Level
  • Create Customs Groups e.g. by Region or Area Manager
  • Historic Invoices (Downloadable PDF Copies)
  • Month by Month Lock / Unlock Position for Customers in Flexible Supply Contracts
  • Daily Budget Performance vs Target / Ceiling (in development)



The consumption module enables you to view the following information for all sites:

  • Historic Consumption Reports

Where supplies are half hourly metered the following reports are also available:

  • Consumption by Month, Day & Half Hour
  • Consumption Heat Map
  • Monthly Half Hourly Report for Sites
  • Raw Half Hourly Data


The generation module has been developed to view the following information. The data can be designed to suit a company's financial calendar and can be viewed as both revenue and generation.

  • Actual and Forecast Generation Data from a Renewable Installation
  • Statemented, Accrued and Forecast Subsidy Revenue
  • Historic Statements (Downloadable Copies)
  • Custom Groups of Sites Arranged by Technology & Subsidy
  • Heat Mapping of an Installation
  • Percentage Variance Between Forecast and Actual figures


The markets module provides you with access to:

  • Live Energy Price Data
  • Trident's Weekly Energy Market Report

Live Position Reports

The position report module provides you with access to the following information:

  • The amount of energy that has currently been secured on your behalf
  • The average traded price of any energy secured
  • Access to within-day energy price data
  • The current forecast price for your energy (a weighted average price based on the traded price for locked volume plus current market price for unlocked volume)
  • The forecast monthly cost of the energy only element of your cost
  • A log of recent trades and trades for coming periods that have been executed on your behalf

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