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The month in energy: April 2023

26 April 2023

A record-breaking month for zero-carbon electricity, campaigners rising concern over the road-building spree and a surge in EV purchases all feature in our round-up of the energy sector’s monthly news stories.

The UK takes a backward step axing key climate diplomat role

UK Government axes the most senior climate diplomat post. Nick Bridge, now the former special representative for climate change stepped down after 6 years and is not being replaced.

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6 benefits of renewable energy for SMEs

Transitioning to renewable sources for your power shouldn’t be looked at as a costly exercise; it can offer a wealth of benefits and opportunities to businesses.

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Record breaking month for the uptake of EVs

A recent report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), found that March 2023 was a monumental month. New deliveries of electric cars hit a new record at 46,626.

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Fossil fuel emissions electricity set to fall

A study from energy analysts from Ember says renewables are set to meet all growth demand this year, with the world likely to use fewer fossil fuels to produce electricity.

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Aviation net zero plans to take off in the UK

New plans have been unveiled to accelerate the decarbonisation of the UK aviation industry. The two-year action plan includes faster production of sustainable fuels and the rollout of zero-emission aircraft.

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Campaigners warn road-building spree will damage UK’s net zero targets

The planned road-building spree by the Department for Transport is likely to hinder the UK’s progress towards the net zero targets and pose the risk of missing targets.

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UK grid record achieved 83% zero-carbon electricity during March

In March, almost half of UK electricity was generated by renewables, with wind power delivering a new record and coal accounting for just 0.5% of generation.

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