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Six Benefits of Renewable Energy for SMEs

11 April 2023

It’s no longer a question of if your business should be transitioning to net zero, but when. While the bigger focus remains on bigger businesses – they do after all have a more significant carbon footprint – SMEs are also feeling the weight of expectation to do so.   

Through ULEZ charges increasing the cost of running petrol-powered vehicles to customers demanding sustainable products, everyone from sole traders to medium-sized enterprises will feel some pressure to make the steps. One of the quickest steps you can take is to utilise renewable energy.   

Transitioning to renewable sources for your power shouldn’t just be looked at as a costly exercise; it can also bring a wealth of benefits and opportunities for your business. We've rounded up half a dozen benefits SMEs can get through utilising renewable energy. 

Reduced energy bills 

Think sustainable energy costs more? You’d be surprised, as in many instances renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are often cheaper than traditional fossil fuels.   

This can lead to significant savings on energy costs for businesses. If you can also capitalise on creating your energy through solar panels or other means, you can reduce your costs even further (more about that later). 

Improved reputation  

Many customers and clients are increasingly looking to do business with companies that are committed to sustainability. More direct consumers are interested in sustainable products while bigger firms' extensive commitment towards their sustainability means they search for suppliers with sustainable products.   

This is something we’ve seen directly with the advent of environmental product declarations (read about the benefits of EPDs). By investing in renewable energy, you improve your reputation which helps you appear desirable to these types of customers. 

Attract more employees 

It's not just customers wanting sustainable products, more people want to work for businesses with green credentials. In an increasingly tough job market whatever you do to lower your carbon footprint can positively impact the calibre of candidates applying for your jobs.   

Increased energy security 

The price of power has been one of the biggest causes of financial difficulty for UK businesses in recent years, a situation inflamed by the war in Ukraine. The fact remains that oil, gas and other fossil fuels are at much greater risk of being influenced by wider geo-political issues than their renewable counterparts.   

Renewable energy predominantly comes from the UK itself and makes up over half of the energy generated here. And the National Grid is committed to generating an even bigger percentage as part of the UK government’s commitment to fully decarbonise the UK power system by 2035. Using it decreases the chances of your energy bills being hit by huge price surges.  

It helps you invest for the future 

As well as safeguarding against future price rises, renewable energy helps future-proof your business. As mentioned earlier, in less than 12 years renewable energy will be the only source available.   

Transferring to it sooner not only enables you to make the switch at a quicker, simpler speed, but it also protects you against any excessive charges or taxes that may be introduced. Although not guaranteed, we’re already seeing evidence of these being introduced to help the UK wean off petrol and diesel powered cars.  

It can also make you money 

Finally, you can take that investment even further if you can take measures to generate your power rather than simply utilising a new source. This is because you can utilise renewable energy to generate your power, drastically reducing your costs and allowing you to sell any excess generated back to the National Grid.  

Not every business will have the capacity to install wind turbines, solar panels or explore other renewable means. It is however more accessible than ever with grants and loans available.  

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