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[Infographic] Scope 3 emissions: Supply chain transparency

11 June 2022


Targeting a Net Zero future

The UK Government has set an ambitious goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2050. The majority of businesses still have quite a way to go when it comes to reporting but legislative, customer and investor pressure is pushing them to go further, faster. It has never been more important for companies to understand and report their environmental impacts but to do this, a comprehensive understanding of where emissions are coming from is critical.

Scope 3 emissions, also referred to as indirect or upstream carbon emissions, are an often overlooked aspect of an organisation’s carbon footprint but can make up over 90% of total emissions. These emissions stem from the use of products and services across a business’ operations and supply chain. This can include the extraction and production (upstream) phase as well as the end-of-life disposal (downstream) phase.

This infographic highlights the importance of indirect emissions, some of the reasons why organisations struggle to tackle the scope 3 part of their carbon footprint and what they can do about it.

Prioritising supply chain transparency

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