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Flexible Energy Procurement Framework delivers savings of up to 34% on market average

19 December 2023

We’re delighted to announce the market performance of our Flexible Energy Procurement Framework has saved customers significant amounts when compared to average market prices. We've analysed the trading performance to date for electricity and gas positions over the next two years and calculated that we saved significant amounts on the market prices of both commodities. Full details of the price performance across each annual period are below.


Oct 23 – Sep 24 - 32.8%* less than market average (typical saving £253,780**) 

Oct 24 – Sep 25 - 23.5%* less than market average (typical saving £147,320**) 




Oct 23 – Sep 24 - 34.0%* less than market average (typical saving £166,956**) 

Oct 24 – Sep 25 - 18.5%* less than market average (typical saving £79,981**) 


*at the time of publication 

**medium sized business consumer 

What is the Flexible Energy Procurement Framework?  

Our Flexible Energy Procurement Framework was designed to democratise energy contracts by offering smaller users the opportunity to buy energy on a flexible basis. Flexible energy contracts are usually reserved for bigger energy users 

We run two version of the contract, Flex Assure and Flex Adapt. Flex Assure is for more risk-averse customers or those who require a greater amount of budget certainty. Flex Adapt allows customers to ride market volatility alongside the option to pass through non-energy costs. 

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