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The month in energy: November 2023

29 November 2023

We’ve rounded up the must-read news across the net zero and energy world this past month of November 2023. 

What the Autumn Budget means for UK businesses and energy  

Take a look at the key takeaways from the recent autumn budget delivered by Jeremy Hunt. 

Read our story here. 

The Richest 1% contribute more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%  

A report from the Guardian and Oxfam has found that the poorest globally contribute the least to emissions while bearing the brunt of the consequences. 

Read the story on The Guardian. 

Is triple glazing about to become ubiquitous?  

The BBC explores whether triple and not double glazing could be become a fixture across businesses and homes in the UK, potentially saving energy. 

Read the story on the BBC. 

‘Europe’s first’ ammonia-fired power plant planned for Ireland 

Plans have been created for Europe’s first, and only the world’s second, ammonia-fired power plant. Ammonia is a low-carbon combustible fuel with the potential to deliver more efficient 

Cop28 president belies that the deal to retain 1.5c goals remains possible 

Sultan Al Jaber has declared that he feels positive about limiting temperature rises to 1.5c with significant strides taken in recent weeks by global climate leaders. 

Read the story on the Guardian. 


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