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The month in energy: June 2023

26 June 2023

Our monthly energy news round-up features a critical perspective from the UN Chief on climate talks in Bonn, the importance of using accurate language to combat greenwashing and a sustainable twist on the 100th Le Mans race.

UK Grid requests factories and businesses cut back on electricity usage

As the National Grid ESO considers expanding its demand flexibility service, it has sought voluntary reduced electricity consumption during peak hours.

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Climate progress deemed ‘pitiful’ by UN Chief during Bonn climate talks

Ministers and negotiators met again in Bonn between the 5th and 15th of June, for climate talks in the lead up to COP28 this winter. The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres collectively scrutinised climate pledges (both national and international).

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Accurate language is important to help fight greenwashing

Hugo Kimber, CEO of Carbon Responsible, outlines why using correct language is a pivotal contributor to counteract greenwashing and the wider business impacts.

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UK begins construction of world's largest wind farm using largest jack-up vessel

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm is set to have over 270 wind turbines installed, assisting the three-phase project is Voltaire the largest jack-up vessel in the world.

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Le Mans: A century of racing and its sustainable future

This year’s 24-hour race marked a hundred years since the race was first staged, a key difference to previous years is that all 62 cars were running on sustainable fuel made from grape skin waste.

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Doubling energy efficiency progress by 2030 is crucial for reaching net zero emissions

Ministers and CEOs convene in France for IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency to discuss meeting energy and climate goals.

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UK weather trend flips, with the south now experiencing more rain than the north

Northern UK's wetter weather pattern is changing this summer, as the South should expect rainier conditions.

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Procurement jargon buster

Are you a newcomer to procurement? By understanding the jargon, smaller organizations can make better decisions about their energy procurement and save money on their energy bills.

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