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The month in energy: May 2024

29 May 2024

Check out our overview of the key news stories in the world of net zero and energy for May 2024.

UK Heat Pump Costs Considered Excessive

A PAC report identifies the high cost of heat pumps as a significant obstacle to their widespread adoption in the UK.

Read the full story on ELN

UK to Ban Sales of New Petrol Motorcycles Starting in 2040

Plans to prohibit the sale of new petrol motorcycles, in which scooters and higher-powered models are to be included, from 2040 onwards as part of the UK governments commitment to achieving net zero emissions.

Read the full story on ELN

Is Climate Change Increasing Turbulence?

Severe turbulence affected a flight from London to Singapore recently, which has sparked the conversation around climate change increasing the risk of more severe turbulence.

More detail from the BBC here

UK Breakthrough Could Drastically Cut Cement Emissions

Scientists claim to have discovered a method to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

Read the full story on the BBC

Ocado's 2040 Net-Zero Goal verified by Science Based Targets Initiative

Global online retailer Ocado Retail has announced that its new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets, which cover various areas including forests, land, and agriculture (FLAG), have been validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

Read the story on edie

Crunching the numbers: Understanding event energy usage

Discover how different factors affect energy usage and explore the importance of data-driven insights in promoting sustainability.

Read the full story here

Banks Criticized for Contradicting Climate Promises with $705 Billion in Fossil Fuel Financing

In 2023, the world's largest banks collectively provided over $705 billion to fossil fuel companies and projects, with nearly half of these banks increasing their financial support to the sector compared to the previous year.

Read the story on edie

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