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The month in energy: March 2023

27 March 2023

Innovation with data centres, significant tidal power investment and the budget's impact all feature in our round-up of the energy sector's monthly news stories.

Data centres used to heat swimming pools 

A great bit of innovation happened in Devon when the business Deep Green, which delivers computer power for AI and Machine learning, supplied free heating for a public swimming pool.  

They did so by utilising the heat from a washing-machine-sized data centre to heat the pool, reducing energy consumption for both heating the pool and cooling the data centre. 

Read the story on the BBC 

Spring Budget released with a boon for Nuclear Power and efficiency support for businesses 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt released the Spring Budget 2023 with some need-to-know details about energy. These included a reclassification of nuclear energy alongside funding for energy efficiency and Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage. 

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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivers final climate crisis warning 

The IPCC, a body consisting of leading climate scientists from across the globe, has said that the planet has reached the point where urgent action is now essential. This is due to greenhouse gas emissions pushing the planet to the brink of damage only drastic intervention can stop. 

Read the story on the Guardian 

Shell boss claims better to invest in the US than Britain for Energy 

Wael Sawan, the Shell CEO, has claimed that the US is a better place for energy investors than Britain in an interview with The Times (behind a paywall).  

No subscription? Read the story on Morning Star 

30MW Tidal project comes to Orkney 

The Orkney Islands, home of the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, has seen further investment in the power source. This is with a 30MW tidal project that will “result in over £120 million of domestic supply chain spend and create hundreds of jobs.” 

Read the story on Energy Live News 

Energy Focus: March 2023 

Overall prices have dropped in March, despite issues with US banking and French Nuclear. Our article gives you a snapshot of the month’s market trends you need to know about. 


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