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The month in energy: February 2024

29 February 2024

Check out our overview of the top news you shouldn't miss in the world of net zero and energy for February 2024.

Unveiling Britain's Sahara Solar Solution

Britain intends to harness solar energy from the Sahara Desert with the help of a 700ft ship. This initiative aims to connect Moroccan renewables to a Devon substation, potentially fulfilling 8% of the UK's power demand.

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UK Homes Powered by Recycled Food

Essex contributed over 37,000 tonnes of food waste last year, powering 6,310 homes across the UK for a full year.

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Key 1.5C Warming Limit Breached for First Time in a Year

The EU's climate service reports that, for the first time, global warming has surpassed 1.5C consistently throughout an entire year.

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MP Calls for Increased Net-Zero Reporting Requirements Rejected by Government

The Government has turned down requests from MPs to implement more frequent reporting on its progress in achieving the net-zero transition. Along with declining to address calls for a revamp of corporate transition plan requirements.

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Google Harnesses AI to Monitor Methane Hotspots in Oil and Gas Industry

Google has teamed up with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a global non-profit climate organization, to address methane emissions on a global scale. Their collaboration involves utilizing MethaneSAT, an advanced satellite technology.

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FA and E.ON Announce Green Partnership for Football

The partnership will implement a decarbonization initiative aimed at helping clubs reduce energy expenses and adopt sustainable practices.

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