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The month in energy: August 2023

30 August 2023

August’s key energy stories include a unfamiliar way of recycling EV batteries, some new benefits for carbon reporting and the dire consequences of the temperature in our oceans increasing.

Jaguar Land Rover harnesses the power of its old car batteries to energize the UK grid.

JLR plans to repurpose used EV batteries into a sizable energy storage system, as they still retain 70% to 80% capacity after no longer meeting EV standards.

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EU exceeds 90% gas storage goal in anticipation of the upcoming winter season.

According to the latest data, it has been revealed that European gas storage levels have reached an impressive 90.12% of capacity, which equates to over 93 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

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Decarbonizing industrial heat: Exploring the current and future technologies

Industrial carbon emissions are responsible for approximately 29% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) output on an annual basis, making it one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions worldwide.

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Leading industries in EV adoption for greener fleets.

Large corporations play a pivotal role in driving the worldwide shift towards electric vehicles. It is essential to identify the sectors that are at the forefront of this transition as well as those that are falling behind.

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90% of ESG professionals believe reporting and data enhance competitiveness.

The 2023 Global ESG Practitioner Survey, commissioned by Workiva and published on Tuesday (22 August), reveals that an increasing number of ESG professionals recognize the significant impact of reporting on enhancing competitiveness within their organizations.

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Record-breaking ocean heat poses dire consequences for our planet

The global sea surface temperature broke a 2016 record earlier this month, reaching 20.96C (69.73F) - well above the average for this time of year, according to Copernicus the EU's climate change service.

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