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The month in energy: April 2024

30 April 2024

Check out our overview of the top news stories in the world of net zero and energy for April 2024.

UK Aims for 10% Sustainable Aviation Fuel Usage by 2030

Pending parliamentary approval, the UK's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) mandate is scheduled for implementation in January 2025, heralding one of the world's pioneering legally binding regulations.

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Glastonbury Partners with Trainline to Promote Sustainable Transportation

Trainline and Glastonbury Festival have announced a collaboration to promote sustainable travel to this year’s festival at Worthy Farm. Advance tickets for the festival dates offer savings when booked eight to twelve weeks in advance

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What Does Earth Day Represent, When Does it Occur, and What Milestones Has it Attained?

Earth Day, a global event emphasising environmental preservation, occurs annually on April 22nd (last week). The theme for 2024, "Planet vs. Plastics," which seeked to elevate awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on both human and planetary well-being.

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Report Reveals Extreme Weather Incurs Substantial Costs for Farmers

In 2018, shifting weather patterns incurred an estimated cost of £175 million for farmers, as per a recent report commissioned by WWF Cymru. This underscores the urgent imperative for stakeholders in the agricultural sector to cultivate a more robust and adaptable food and farming framework capable of weathering the impacts of climate change.

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The Impending Revolution in Glass Manufacturing: What's Driving Change?

As demand remains strong, Stoelzle Flaconnage, along with other glass manufacturers, is confronted with significant decisions regarding their glass container production processes. The European Union is intensifying its efforts to address packaging waste. It aims to reduce the environmental footprint by advocating for lighter packaging materials, thereby minimising the overall material usage and reducing fuel consumption required for transportation.

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COP29 Presidency Reveals Blueprint for Global Climate Action: A Roadmap Towards 1.5°C

The designated President for COP29, Mukhtar Babayev, has unveiled the agenda for the upcoming UN climate conference, emphasising the critical importance for leaders and policymakers to uphold the 1.5°C target by fulfilling commitments made in prior agreements.

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New Decarbonization and Emissions Reduction Regulations Greenlit by EU and US

Members of the European Parliament have endorsed the Net-Zero Industry Act, designed to enhance the development of decarbonization technologies within the EU. Simultaneously, the Biden Administration has introduced a new regulation aimed at significantly curtailing emissions from coal and natural gas plants by implementing carbon capture technologies.

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Unravelling Scope 3 emissions in transport

In this blog, we delve into the complexities of Scope 3 emissions within the transport sector. 

We'll delve into the challenges transport companies face in tracking and reporting these emissions. Additionally, we'll highlight effective strategies for collecting and analysing Scope 3 data. By emphasising holistic carbon accounting, we aim to guide the transport industry toward its sustainability goals. 

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