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Solar installations achieve biggest high in over a decade

11 January 2024

A new survey has revealed that the installation of rooftop solar panels across the UK is at the highest level for 12 years, while heat pump installations have reached a record high.

The survey, conducted by the MCS Foundation, calculated that almost 190,000 rooftop solar panels were installed in 2023, the highest figure since 2011 when the feed-in-tariff subsidy was cut by the UK government. Heat pump installations saw an increase of almost 20% with close to 40,000 installed, the largest amount the UK has ever seen. While this is a clear indicator that more businesses are capitalising on self-generated renewable energy, it’s not at the scale needed to reach the net zero target. Speaking to the Guardian, MCS’ director of external affairs, David Cowdrey, voiced concerns that a lack of government support could hinder achieving the full quota of installations needed.

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