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Energy Efficiency and Compliance Analyst Intern Q&A – Katie Maden

16 February 2023

Meet Team Trident

Q&A with Energy Efficiency and Compliance Analyst Intern, Katie Maden

Meet Katie, Trident’s very first intern. Katie joined us at the start of the year working alongside the Net Zero and Engineering team. Katie, who is currently doing her master's degree, wants to gain real work-life experience to increase her knowledge and develop her skills. Find out why Katie applied for this internship and what she hopes to learn during her time here.

I am currently a master’s student at Lancaster University studying Volcanology. I completed my undergraduate degree in Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University, Wales.

Since I was 4 I have always loved to dance and have had opportunities to dance at some amazing venues and events. I was a dancer in the Blackpool Tower Circus for around four years when I was younger! I love to go on walks, when I lived away at University in Aberystwyth, I used to aim to walk seven miles a day down the river.


How did you land this internship?

I heard about this internship through uni, and it stood out to me as something I would love to try. I sent over a cover letter and my CV and was grateful to get an interview. At the interview, I met with Derek and Noel and delivered a short presentation which went great! I did some research into ESOS and SECR before the interview. This put me at an advantage because I was willing to learn new things and I would have a basic understanding when starting the internship.

Why did you apply for this internship and what attracted you to Trident?

I always believed that completing an internship alongside my studies would put me in good stead when looking for jobs after I graduate. I was eager to gain experience in a workplace as well as try something new. The position with Trident was different from anything I have worked on before and the prospect of it sounded exciting. A bonus was that Trident is based in my hometown, I felt comforted knowing that.

What does an average day look like as an intern working at Trident? What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Every day involves learning something new, which I love. I have been introduced to a range of things including two of my own clients to work with. I have been working with data, conducting research on companies and contacting clients.

Why do you want to work in this industry and what area of expertise do you want to specialise in?

This industry is very important in the current climate crisis and working towards net zero is the aim for a lot of people. Working in data analysis has been great so far, I have always loved working with numbers. Being a direct contact for clients is also nice. I would love to specialise in the data analysis aspect of the energy industry.

You’ve been learning about all things net zero and energy compliance, especially the energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) and subsidy management. How has that process been?

There is a lot to learn about ESOS and other energy schemes. Remembering everything can be a challenge! Before working at Trident I had never heard of a lot of the different regulations and schemes, so it is all very new to me. It's been interesting and I am enjoying getting the hang of it all. With the ESOS deadline being later this year, it's a very important aspect of the internship. Understanding the other areas such as SECR helps ease the ESOS surveying process.

What has been your greatest challenge whilst at Trident?

There have been many challenges I have faced since working at Trident. Adapting to working in an office has been an interesting change for me as I have never been in this environment before. Learning to write formal emails to clients was a challenge at first, wondering if I was writing the correct things. Taking in all the information about ESOS and the other schemes has been a challenge.

What is the best thing about working for this company?

The best thing about working for Trident is being around such friendly and motivated people! As soon as I started here, I was made to feel at home, and everyone is always happy to help me when I am struggling. The working environment is great, and I look forward to my days in the office.
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