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Meet Team Trident: Q&A with Data Administrator, Ellie Toth

9 December 2022

Meet Team Trident

Q&A with Data Administrator, Ellie Toth

At Trident, we have a great team who works hard to provide award-winning customer service. We want to celebrate our people and allow others to get to know them and what they do at Trident. This month's Q&A is with Data Administrator, Ellie Toth. Ellie started in 2020 as an apprentice, has now completed her studies, and has recently been promoted to Data Administrator. Below, Ellie gives us insight into her role and the progression opportunities at Trident.

First of all, give us a quick overview of your role at Trident.

My role at Trident is Data Administrator. The majority of my time is spent validating invoices through Trident’s systems and producing reports based on this data and sending them to the customer. I also spend time answering customer queries, identifying data gaps and assisting the allocated Account Manager with any outstanding work that needs to be done on an account.


How did you come to learn about this apprenticeship and what made you choose it?

I learnt about this apprenticeship via Blackpool & Fylde College. I chose to do Business Administration at Trident because I enjoyed Business in school.


You’ve been at Trident for nearly 2 years, what is the most valuable skill you have learnt so far?

The first goal I had at Trident was to better my communication. This has improved a huge amount since time has gone on and I have gained more understanding of the industry.


As an apprentice what kind of support did you receive? How much has this benefitted you?

I had always been supported through my apprenticeship by the team at Trident. They would take the time to teach me something if I had questions.


We know what your role at Trident is but what does a typical day look like for you?

I usually plan the week out first thing on a Monday. This would include making notes of any meetings that are scheduled, any reports that are due to go out and any invoices that are due to be validated.


What about Data Admin appeals to you?

I think it appeals to me because it opens so many doors. I could change my mind in 5 years and want to go into marketing or finance and I will have the ability to do it.


The energy industry has been facing many challenges lately, how are you helping Trident navigate through this right now?

I am doing more research on the energy industry and making sure that I know different terms that might be referred to.


Putting your job aside, what part of Trident’s company culture and values do you enjoy the most?

Trident's culture is fun! I enjoy working whilst also developing friendships with colleagues.


Do you have any advice for future apprentices wanting to join Trident?

Do something you enjoy!


Lastly, where do you see your career going in the future? Where would you like it to go?

I would ideally like to go into an Account Manager role.


Team Trident is always growing and looking for new members to help us succeed and continue making energy simple for all our clients. If you want to join a diverse, fun environment where you can learn, develop, and express yourself, visit the link below to learn more about the different roles we offer: https://tridentutilities.co.uk/careers 

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