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[Infographic] On-site Generation: Nine steps towards sustainability success

3 May 2022


Renewable technologies

UK businesses are increasingly investing in on-site generation assets, enabling them to take control of rising energy costs, decarbonise their operations and reduce their reliance on the grid.

Installation of renewable technologies enables businesses to take further control of their energy management strategy. If you are at the very beginning of your sustainability journey and want to understand the process and the different renewable technologies associated with on-site generation, then our latest post What to know in 2022 before installing on-site generation’ might be a helpful place to start.

If you know your objectives and desired outcomes but don’t have a sustainability strategy in place to guide future decisions, our experts are on-hand to support you. Our on-site generation pathway solution supports you every step of the way, from conducting feasibility assessments for your site to ensure the most applicable generation asset is chosen, to subsequently tendering to technology providers and advising you on the best solution.

We’ve broken our on-site generation solution down into nine simple steps to demonstrate how we work collaboratively with you throughout the process, ensuring you have expert support as and when you need it.

On-site Generation – Nine steps to success


How Trident can help you

To find out how Trident’s sustainability experts can help you to develop an on-site generation strategy and guide you through the process to select the technology best suited to your business contact us or book a meeting with one of our experts using the form below.

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