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How REGOs fit into a broader green energy strategy

20 May 2024

Discover the importance of Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) in the context of a comprehensive green energy strategy.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) have a part to play in the global shift toward renewable energy. When devising a green energy strategy, REGOs signal a commitment to sustainability by ensuring the authenticity and traceability of renewable energy. 

Understanding REGOs 

REGOs certify that a specific amount of electricity has been generated from renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro or biomass. Issued by regulatory authorities, these certificates guarantee that the energy supplied to the grid is green and sustainable. Each REGO corresponds to one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable electricity and can be bought and sold in the market.  

The role of REGOs in green energy strategies 

REGOs incentivise renewable energy production by providing a system to measure and account for generated renewable energy, necessary for tracking progress towards renewable energy targets. They ensure that the electricity supplied to the grid is from renewable sources, aiding in the decarbonisation of the energy sector.  

Moreover, REGOs empower consumers to support renewable energy by choosing suppliers that provide these certificates, fostering a more sustainable future.  

Integrating REGOs with other green energy initiatives 

REGOs are most effective when combined with other green energy initiatives. Investing in renewable energy infrastructure, such as wind farms and solar parks, increases the supply of renewable energy, facilitating the achievement of renewable energy targets and the acquisition of REGOs. 

Challenges and considerations 

Despite their benefits, REGOs face challenges: 

  • Greenwashing:  Some businesses see REGOs as a loophole in transitioning to being a renewable consumer without the need to invest directly in renewable generators. 
  • Cost: The price of REGOs can vary, posing financial barriers for some who wish to support renewable energy.
  • Generation Mix: Alongside Wind, Solar and Hydro, Biomass is also identified as a renewable technology and therefore generates REGOs. There is growing scepticism surrounding Biomass as renewable technology, with business focusing on obtaining REGOs from what they consider to be true green generation sources. 

Continuous monitoring and transparency are needed to address these challenges and maximise REGOs' potential in promoting renewable energy. 

To conclude

REGOs are an important component of a broader green energy strategy, providing transparency, accountability, and credibility to renewable energy generation. They incentivise renewable energy production, integrate well with other green energy initiatives, and address various challenges to contribute to a sustainable and low-carbon future. As the importance of renewable energy grows, REGOs will play an increasingly critical role in ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for generations to come. 



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