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ESOS Phase 3 success stories

16 February 2023

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ESOS Phase 3 Success Stories

When the UK government introduced ESOS regulations in 2014, many of the qualifying institutions merely saw them as a box-ticking exercise. The worsening climate crisis and steeply rising energy costs have transformed them into an opportunity, with savvy institutions reducing energy consumption and costs by exploiting their ESOS findings.  



The benefits don't end there; implementing the changes from ESOS can consolidate stronger relationships with the networks your organisation relies on. With public perception increasingly focused on sustainability, every stakeholder in your organisation - from customers to benefactors, workforce to investors - is increasingly likely to demand a firmer commitment to energy reduction. ESOS delivers the double win of meeting the regulations alongside exploring ways to capitalise on these opportunities.   

We’ve been working with businesses and organisations for the duration of ESOS since their launch in July 2014, with Phase 3’s deadline of December 5th now less than a year away. Although the regulation cycle isn’t over, our customers are already unlocking several opportunities to cut their energy costs and continue or start their journey to Net Zero.   

We’ve rounded up a handful of these success stories, spotlighting three sectors already garnering positive learnings and implementations from ESOS Phase 3. 


Charities have an equally critical motivation to enact ESOS. As well as saving much-needed funds to funnel into their positive work, green credentials are crucial to maintaining public support. The positive PR generated from taking such steps help spotlight their causes, whilst failure to do so runs the real risk of undermining their messaging.  

Charities often run multiple sites with varying purposes, making a thorough energy auditing process through ESOS highly advantageous. Sue Ryder is one example, with their sites split between delivering palliative care and support at their hospices to fundraising hubs of varying-sized shops.  

Across their hospices, warehouses and stores, we unearthed potential savings of 46% per annum, again through a mixture of methods. These ranged from large-scale changes such as solar PV installation to simpler fixes such as automatic doors and double-glazing installations.  


The retail sector, which often operates multiple sites and large distribution hubs, is perfectly placed to reap the benefits of ESOS. The rise of digital sellers and a tough few years for the high street ensures that lower costs are pivotal. Sustainable products are also more in demand, with Forbes reporting that “nearly 90% of Gen X consumers would be willing to spend an extra 10% or more" for them.  

Our engineers have been discovering savings opportunities across a range of retail clients. When auditing a leading fashion retailer, we identified several changes that resulted in a 41% consumption reduction across their sites. These solutions included time control devices on electric heaters, LED lighting installation and AC unit maintenance.  


Manufacturers often use energy-intense factories as part of their work, ensuring ESOS is paramount from a cost-saving perspective. Investment in the UK sector is also integral for the wider net zero goals by reducing the need for exports and limiting the carbon implications they bring. 

Reflex Allen is one such example. Their site at Bodelwyddan in North Wales manufactures wires used for HGVs, with our ESOS analysis revealing the opportunity to make a 16% reduction in energy costs and usage. Among the changes were implementations with high carbon savings, including heat recovery from compressors and automated monitoring and targeting changes. 

Not started ESOS Phase 3? There’s still time for your business to meet the regulations but availability with our ESOS-compliant lead assessors is limited. Book a meeting with our team today to start your ESOS journey. 




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