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Industry Update: Energy Bill Discount Scheme - April Update

18 April 2023

Industry Update

Additional detail issued surrounding the Government support

On 9th January 2023 the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) issued an update on the support package previously known as the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which included details of additional support for Energy & Trade Intensive Industries (ETII). We covered the update below: 

January Update: Government launch energy bills discount scheme 

BEIS has recently issued further details on the additional support and the eligibility criteria businesses must meet to receive this additional support. 

Eligibility Criteria

You must prove that at least 50% of your revenue is generated from UK-based activity within one of the eligible SIC code sectors.  

The additional support you may receive

Eligible businesses will receive a discount reflecting the difference between the price threshold and the relevant wholesale price. The thresholds are: 

  • Electricity - £185/MWh (18.5p/kWh) 
  • Gas - £99/MWh (9.9p/kWh / 290.14p/therm) 

Eligible businesses paying wholesale energy prices above these thresholds will receive a maximum discount of £40.0/MWh (4p/kWh / 117.23p/therm) for gas and £89/MWh (8.9p/kWh) for electricity, which will only apply to 70% of energy volumes. 

For the remaining 30% of energy volumes, the baseline support for all UK businesses will apply (the January update above gives you all the details).  

Next steps & getting ready to apply

We recommend all businesses that satisfy the first criteria of at least 50% of your revenue being generated from UK-based activity, review the list of eligible SIC codes linked above. This will determine whether your business may be eligible for support. If you're unsure, details of how we can help are at the bottom of this article.

If you believe your business is eligible, you will need to apply to receive the additional support; it isn't automatically applied. The application portal opens on April 26th 2023 and the latest update from BEIS confirms that businesses will need to provide information on their organisation, energy supplier(s), relevant energy supply contract(s) references and applicable meter point references as part of the application. 

The government will determine eligibility based on the details provided when registering. In some instances, further eligibility validation may be required, meaning that the organisation will be asked for additional information. Eligible organisations will have 90 days to apply from the scheme opening.

How we can help

It is expected that businesses will have to complete their own applications. If this is confirmed we will not be able to submit an application on your behalf, but we can help you prepare for the applications.

If you're unsure about eligibility or what else you need to do to process the application, get in touch. We can help understand if you are eligible and what data is required to complete the application.


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