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Colchester Institute wins Environmental Awareness award

6 November 2023

We’re delighted that one of our customers, Colchester Institute, have been recognised for the steps they have taken on their journey to net zero. It was awarded the Environmental Awareness Award in the Essex Countywide Business Awards 2023 on Friday 27th October.  

Colchester Institute’s progress towards a more sustainable future demonstrates how successful an organisation can be when making environmental responsibility central to its purpose. Post-COVID, Colchester Institute acknowledged that as part of its role in influencing young people from its local community, it needed to do more to lead by example with decarbonisation. It started by focusing on meeting SECR regulations but has since incorporated a raft of changes that include generating solar power on-site, heat pump installations and an electric vehicle charging station. They’ve also developed a carbon literacy programme for their students to channel their success into future leaders. You can read all about Colchester Institute’s success in this case study and its award win on this LinkedIn post.

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