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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week at Trident

7 February 2023


Apprentices have been crucial for our growth at Trident. We’ve always been firm believers in investing in the future and the talent of tomorrow is a core component of that.   

As well as allowing us to transfer our knowledge and experience to future industry leaders, the young people we’ve employed have also made a significant contribution to the present.

The injection of enthusiasm and ideas allows us to keep our approach innovative and we’re delighted that so many have stayed with us once their programme has ended.  To celebrate National Apprenticeship week, we spotlight some of the people within our business who are currently part of or came through an apprentice scheme. 

Zoe-Ann Lyon, current data administrator apprentice 

I started with Trident in November 2022 as part of a Business Administration level 3 course. While I’ve enjoyed learning, as I’ve already got qualifications in both Sport and Exercise Science and Travel and Tourism, I think I’m done after this one!   

I hope that the practical experience I gain will help me to become a legal secretary at Trident. I've been learning to balance my coursework with my day-to-day tasks, developing my time management skills. The support I’ve received from my colleagues has been invaluable for this.  

So far, I’ve learnt a lot about practical areas of business administration alongside some crucial office skills, such as using spreadsheets and communication software like Microsoft Teams. Trident isn’t the typical office job, it’s quite chilled if you get what you need to do done. That environment has made me feel supported and trusted. 

Patrick Lonsdale, former digital marketing apprentice 

I started at Trident three years ago, undertaking a level 3 digital marketer apprenticeship course, which I completed last year. That led to me receiving a promotion to Digital Marketing Assistant.  

I’ve got my eye on new qualifications, including a higher degree apprenticeship focusing on a marketing pathway. I have also considered joining the CIM, where they have a variety of marketing related qualifications and courses.  

I've been lucky in that throughout my apprenticeship, I received a wide range of support across the business to ensure I was successful. When I needed to balance my workload, I could shift my focus to my college work, a massive help when I was getting closer to the end point of my assessment period.  

I have learnt a broad range of new skills, with my content writing skills really improving. The research involved in creating content has also allowed me to develop my industry knowledge. Moreover, I have developed a good understanding of how to plan and implement campaigns across several digital platforms. 

A highlight of my time working at Trident so far was being nominated for the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award at the BIBA awards; it was fantastic to receive this recognition! I plan to continue my career in marketing at Trident to help the department grow by developing new skills in areas and aspects of marketing that will have a positive impact on the business. 

Madison Ashworth, current software development degree apprentice 

I started at Trident in October of 2022 after completing an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. With that, I studied Cybercrime Investigation and fell in love with computer forensics and coding, which is what brought me here.  

All the commercial team, especially those in software, have offered me loads of support. There’s been hundreds of hours shadowing and going through all the applications we use which has been really helpful!  

I spent my time in work shadowing the software team and focusing on learning about our in-house software Vertex and Pulse. While studying my course and working at Trident, I have learnt how to use C# and SQL and expanded my knowledge into front-end web design and networking with cyber security.  

Over the next three years at university, I plan to improve my knowledge with our in-house software and aim to achieve the highest grades I can. When I complete my apprenticeship, I hope to be a qualified Software Developer here. I plan to do further qualifications in Azure Fundamentals and various online learning courses to keep my skills up to date. 

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