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Carbon footprint overlooked by 89% of British businesses

15 August 2021

Reducing Emissions

Measuring Carbon Footprint

Research published by the British Chambers of Commerce (BBC) and O2 reveals a staggering 89% of British businesses are failing to measure their carbon footprint. For microbusinesses, with less than ten employees, the figure is even higher at 95%.

Of the 1000+ businesses surveyed, only 13% have set targets to reduce their emissions – a reduction from 21% when firms were surveyed before the pandemic.

The research suggests a lack of financial support and access to grants were amongst the main barriers preventing respondents from taking steps towards sustainability. A lack of awareness was another potential factor, with a third of respondents saying they search online for information about sustainability, with 22% of companies admitting they do not even know the meaning of ‘net zero’.

Despite this, many firms are seeking to take action to reduce emissions. Over the next 12 months, 54% of businesses surveyed are planning to reduce their consumption (e.g. of paper, food, and plastics), 47% are planning to reduce the energy they use through travel, and 40% are planning to reduce the energy used at their offices and premises.

Shevaun Haviland, Director General of the BCC, said: “This research is a real eye-opener and shows just how big a challenge the UK’s net zero target is. The dual impacts of the pandemic and Brexit have been a huge body-blow to many businesses, so it’s unsurprising that targeting emissions has taken a back seat.

“The climate challenge is one that affects every single one of us and business has a big part to play in tackling it. But the Government must also recognise that smaller firms will need access to grants, subsidies, and other financial support to help them take effective steps on the journey to a greener future.”

How can we help?

If you need support with carbon reporting or assistance to develop a carbon reduction plan, Trident has developed a suite of Net Zero services to help businesses to start measuring their carbon footprint.

Our carbon management platform brings together your energy, transport, and financial data in one location. Our experts can help to collect your data, highlight areas that may need attention first and reward you for strengthening your commitment to carbon reductions through an accreditation program.

Take the first step today and speak to one of our experts about how Trident Utilities can help you on your journey to a greener future. Call 0345 634 9500 or email enquiries@tridentutilities.co.uk.


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