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3 quick tips for making in-year energy cost savings

11 July 2022


Businesses need no reminder that energy costs are soaring.

But what actions can you take to offset the impact of rising gas and electricity costs and start saving money? 

Here are three easy-fix solutions that could see your bills reducing within months.

Tip 1: Cut your energy consumption

Reducing consumption might be easier than you think, and an energy efficiency audit is your best first step. While you may already have dealt with easy-fix options like LED lighting, there may be zero or low risk measures that you haven’t thought of, as well as energy efficiency investments that could be considered  - to provide a fast return and deliver long-term savings.

One straightforward example is  roofing and insulation: investing in roof tiles that reflect the sun will put less pressure on cooling systems, while upgrading your insulation to help keep your buildings cool in summer and warm in winter could reduce your energy consumption by around 10%.

Automating controls on your energy-using equipment is another simple, low cost way to make fast cost and carbon savings. A building Management System (BMS) might be the right choice for your business if you have a larger space to consider, or you may prefer to focus on particular appliances; by adding controls to fridges, computers or air conditioning systems so that you don’t have to rely on user behaviour to boost energy efficiency.


Tip 2: Check you’re getting the best deal

With energy prices high, and predicted to rise further, it's a good idea to review the contract you’re on and see if it can be changed or amended to reduce your bills in the short term. 

Here at Trident, we conduct an annual review of every customer account as standard. Why? Well, changes in demand due to business growth, new energy efficiency measures or altered ways of working may mean that there's more we can do to help our customers save money. 

It’s also important to make sure you’re taking advantage of any government subsidies available to you, and that you’re not paying more in non-commodity costs or VAT than you need to.


Tip 3: Work with an expert partner

Today, energy is both a business essential and a significant overhead. If you’re short on time, baffled by marketplace complexity, or simply want to hand over the headache of contacting and negotiating with suppliers, it might be time to consider working with a third party intermediary (TPI).

It’s important to note that not all TPIs are created equal. Be sure to find one that will support you for the lifecycle of your contract and provide a transparent fee structure, unbiased access to the entire marketplace of suppliers and open, honest advice from a dedicated account team - so your medium sized business gets all the benefits that corporate customers expect. See our 360° promise.


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