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Reduce Energy Usage

Helping you to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce your Energy Costs.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption

Energy efficiency is one of the most powerful tools to drive down your cost and reduce your Carbon Emissions. Our pragmatic approach, combined with a detailed understanding of your business requirements delivers real savings and environmental benefits.

We understand that energy efficiency is not always about spending money on technological solutions. As money for capital expenditure projects is in short supply, businesses will often want to push existing assets to efficiency limits to reduce operating costs. Our experienced engineering team will work with you to identify process improvements and help you to achieve optimal energy performance.

What our clients think

We have identified savings approaching 10% of our energy and water costs as part of a fully project managed energy reduction service with Trident.

John Officer - Director of Operations - AAK

Average energy consumption reduction achieved for Trident efficiency clients in the last 5 years

Reduce Energy Usage

Technical expertise, driving efficiency

Our highly experienced technical team offer a wealth of experience in all areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, GHG reporting, compliance, renewable technologies and net zero strategy development.  Our commitment to integrity and our 360 Promise sets the foundation to develop long-term working relationships with clients, optimising and discovering opportunities through knowledge and experience.

Expert Engineering Consultancy

Our engineers bring a wealth of experience to your organisation and will design and deliver solutions that are pragmatic and deliver measurable benefits. We will provide a complete audit of the current energy use in your business and make a series of recommendations to reduce it. Each recommendation is fully costed and delivered with a detailed engineering rationale. We can provide a complete turn-key implementation service for each recommendation that you decide to implement.

Self Generation

Self Generation is becoming a more affordable solution as technology improves and costs decrease. At the same time, the 'non-commodity' element of energy costs are increasing year-on-year, which further improves the Return-on-Investment analysis for projects. More detail on Self Generation can be found in our 'Net Zero' section.

Technological Solutions

Our engineers have a detailed understanding of the array of Technological Solutions that can reduce your consumption. Specific areas may include:
  • Boiler Plant Management of Steam Generation
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Lighting and Heating Controls
  • Self Generation
  • Sub-Metering / Monitoring and Targeting

Behavioural Changes

We have designed and implemented successful Behavioural Change programmes to help our clients reduce their energy usage. Measuring the current awareness of your staff is a vital first step, which enables us to design a programme that is specifically tailored to your business. Continual monitoring of your energy consumption allows us to quantify the benefits of the programme (usually found to be between 5% – 15%), and ensure that these benefits are preserved and that the changes we help you to make become the new 'business as usual'.

Energy Management Systems

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is a hugely influential factor in your drive to control consumption. Used correctly they can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to ensure that your lighting, HVAC, Security Automation, mechanical and plumbing systems are configured in an optimal way. Conversely, improperly configured BEMS commonly account for 20% of unnecessary energy use!

Our engineers can help you by either ensuring that your system is properly configured or design and manage the installation of a new system.

Energy Data Analysis

It's often said that 'if you can't measure it, you can't manage it'. Our engineers use robust and independently verified methods to ensure that the savings generated from energy-reduction projects are correctly assessed and also spot areas of high consumption quickly and accurately allowing us to quickly home in on any areas of waste that need to be addressed.

Case Studies

John Cotton

Trident has been managing John Cotton’s current Climate Change Agreement since 2007, helping them to secure a rebate of c.£1,400,000.

Case Studies


Abri was already capturing their Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and some Scope 3 emissions as part of their Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements but have recently been receiving innovative support delivered by Trident.

Case Studies


schuh is one of the largest retailers of footwear in the UK, with a strong high street presence. schuh has a strong ethos around sustainability and looking after the environment and their community.

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